Our distillery receives the extracted cane juice and processes it using the most advanced technology on the market.

Our distillation equipment works under vacuum, which allows us a better separation of impurities.

All our plant is automated, so we have a modern system that allows us to monitor our processes in real time, and has the technological capacity to adjust the quality of the finished product to our clients’ specifications; in this way we can cover the specific needs of any customer or market. Our production ranges from Hydrated or Anhydrous Alcohol, to Neutral Alcohol with 4 columns and demethylated alcohol with 5 columns.

Thanks to our infrastructure and technological capacity, we greatly contribute to converting the sugarcane agroindustry, into the most important source of renewable energy in Mexico.

We are the most efficient distillery in Mexico

  • We have a high-vacuum evaporator

  • 5-column Distiller

  • Molecular sieve plant to produce Anhydrous Ethanol

  • We have 90 thousand metric tons of molasses to operate continuously outside of harvest time