In the Business Group Alcoholera de Zapopan we are 100% committed to caring for the environment, since we comply fully with all environmental regulations stipulated by the industry and have an Integrated Management Plan for Co-products and By-products resulting from our processes.

The industrial plants of Alcoholera de Zapopan are among the most modern in the region and operate with the latest technology and the highest quality standards.

We are currently the only group in the country that produces two clean and renewable energies in from sugarcane: Bioethanol and electricity.

Our industrial plants are not located on riverbanks and do not produce toxic wastes that are dumped into channels, rivers or water bodies.

The Bagasse resulting from the milling of the cane is used as fuel to co-generate electricity, which is used in our industrial plants and the surplus is sold to the Electricity Federal Commission (CFE). With this we drastically reduce the C02 emission of any typical industry.

Our industrial facilities also have a gas scrubber to prevent the emission of polluting particles into the atmosphere.

In addition, the Bagasse ash is used as a soil improver, and the Vinasse, which is stabilized, diluted and buffered to avoid problems of contamination and soil acidity, is conducted by industrial piping to special pits equipped with geomembranes for proper storage.

The Vinasse is used as a soil improver and conditioner, this due to its effect on the microbial flora of the soil and the nutritional contribution; it is considered a mineral-organic fertilizer that can substitute between 20 and 30% of the application of chemical fertilizers, and when it is used systematically over time, it can fully replace the application of mineral-source fertilizers, so cane producers who apply it, can obtain savings of up to 50% in the use of traditional mineral fertilizers.

The use of Vinasse as an organic fertilizer under the fertigation modality is the most common and successful practice carried out in different countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, which produce alcohol from sugarcane, and which, like any other fertilizer, must be used rationally and adequately.

¿What is concentrated organic fertilizer (Vinasse)?

It is a compound derived from cane juice fermentation that offers the following advantages:

  • It combines the complexing effect of lignosulfonate and C.I.C. silicate.
  • It combines the silicate-on-aluminum neutralizing action with that of lignosulfonate on salt excess.
  • It has a polymer complex of low molecular weight that activates biological, chemical and physical soil properties.
  • It increases nitrogen and minor elements in the soil; the silica allows greater resistance to stress conditions due to floods, summer and the attack of pests and diseases.
  • It replaces 100% Urea (N) and Triple 17 (NPK).

Alcoholera de Zapopan is a clean company, a responsible partner with the community; it is committed to caring for the environment.