• Cane fields

  • Ethanol Plant and Electricity Co-generation

  • Distillery equipped with the latest technology

  • Quality Control and Certifications

  • Storage and Transport

  • Co-product And By-products (Fertigation)

  • Industrial security

Cane fields

To guarantee the permanent supply of sugarcane in our sugar mill during our harvest, we acquire cane from thousands of producers in the region, which together with our own territorial reserves, provides an increasing amount of high quality raw material that enables us to carry out the process of industrial production of Ethyl Alcohol.

Our cane fields are technified with sprinkler irrigation systems that allow us to be more efficient in the use and management of water, in addition, we apply fertigation with vinasse to all our crops to  favor the development of healthier and more vigorous plants due to its high organic content and nutritional contribution.

Ethanol Plant (Central Energetica de Atoyac)

It is the first Ethanol Plant with cane diffusion in all of Mexico, which allows us to achieve the highest levels of extraction of cane juice with the capacity to grind up to 2,500 tons per year.

After cutting and harvesting the sugarcane during the harvest, the sugarcane is taken in trucks to our plant to be weighed on the scale.

Later it is unloaded from the trucks with a radial crane or through a special platform turner to a sugarcane table which is delivered so it can be crushed by two sets of blades and a shredder, obtaining at least 92% of broken cells to facilitate the extraction of sugars or sucrose, which is carried out through an advanced process of diffusion, which allows an extraction of 98% of the sugars contained in the cane.

The mixed juice between 12 and 13 ° Bx. obtained from the diffusion system goes to the evaporation system where it is concentrated between 25 and 26 ° Bx.

The pH and the nutrients of the concentrated juice are adjusted and then the juice is sent to the distillery’s bio-reactors for fermentation, producing a wine with an alcoholic content between 9 and 11%.

Subsequently it goes to the distillation process, where high quality neutral ethanol is obtained by fractional distillation, or if it is preferred simultaneously, anhydrous ethanol and demethylated ethanol are also produced. All the above is possible because our distillation columns have advanced technology that gives them great versatility and that allows us to produce different qualities of alcohols required for different uses.

Electricity Co-generation

With the cane bagasse we produce water vapor, and with it, we generate our own electrical energy, which makes us self-sufficient in energy.

We use a high-efficiency counter-pressure turbine, which allows us to generate the electric power necessary to supply both industrial plants (2.4 MW / HR) and the surplus electricity is sold to the CFE (1 MW / HR), The electrical energy generated is enough to supply the needs of the city of Orizaba, Veracruz and its surroundings.

In this way we eliminate the use of fossil fuels, thus helping to preserve the ecological environment, drastically reducing the emission of CO2 in our manufacturing processes.

Additionally, our furnace is equipped with a gas scrubber, which emits only water vapor that dissolves when it comes into contact with the atmosphere.

The ash resulting from this process is used as a soil improver in cane crops and as a clinker or pozzolan cement in the construction industry.


Our distillery receives the extracted cane juice and processes it using the most advanced technology on the market.

Our distillation equipment works under vacuum, which allows us a better separation of impurities.

All our plant is automated, so we have a modern system that allows us to monitor our processes in real time, and has the technological capacity to adjust the quality of the finished product to our clients’ specifications; in this way we can cover the specific needs of any customer or market. Our production ranges from Hydrated or Anhydrous Alcohol, to Neutral Alcohol with 4 columns and demethylated alcohol with 5 columns.

Thanks to our infrastructure and technological capacity, we greatly contribute to converting the sugarcane agroindustry, into the most important source of renewable energy in Mexico.

We are the most efficient distillery in Mexico

  • We have a high-vacuum evaporator

  • 5-column Distiller

  • Molecular sieve plant to produce Anhydrous Ethanol

  • We have 90 thousand metric tons of molasses to operate continuously outside of harvest time

Quality Control and Certifications

Laboratory with cutting-edge equipment

Through a modern system of liquid chromatography, we determinate the sugars contained in the cane juice and the processed molasses.

We have the latest technology necessary to evaluate the quality of each batch of Anhydrous Ethanol and Ethyl Alcohol produced in our facilities, including a modern gas chromatograph, Karl Fisher equipment, equipment that allows us to determine the impurities of the product as well as its moisture content.

In addition, we perform the permanganate value test and some others, which together with the organoleptic evaluation carried out by highly specialized engineers, allows us to guarantee our customers products of certified quality.

All our processes are subjected to strict controls and quality norms of our own industry, they are:

Storage and Transport

Our company is in constant development and growth

We have enough storage tanks and our own fleet of specialized vehicles to transport Anhydrous Ethanol and Ethyl Alcohol in stainless steel tanks that are subject to a strict maintenance and renovation program.

  • We have the capacity to store up to 7 million liters of alcohol

  • Spur to dispatch tank cars of 108,000 liters

  • 63,000-liter tanker trucks

  • 40,000-liter tanker trucks

  • 20,000-liter tanker trucks

  • 17 storage warehouses strategically distributed throughout Mexico

With all this, we can guarantee the supply of Ethanol at any time of the year and anywhere in the Mexican Republic.


In the Business Group Alcoholera de Zapopan we are 100% committed to caring for the environment, since we comply fully with all environmental regulations stipulated by the industry and have an Integrated Management Plan for Co-products and By-products resulting from our processes.

The industrial plants of Alcoholera de Zapopan are among the most modern in the region and operate with the latest technology and the highest quality standards.

We are currently the only group in the country that produces two clean and renewable energies in from sugarcane: Bioethanol and electricity.

Our industrial plants are not located on riverbanks and do not produce toxic wastes that are dumped into channels, rivers or water bodies.

The Bagasse resulting from the milling of the cane is used as fuel to co-generate electricity, which is used in our industrial plants and the surplus is sold to the Electricity Federal Commission (CFE). With this we drastically reduce the C02 emission of any typical industry.

Our industrial facilities also have a gas scrubber to prevent the emission of polluting particles into the atmosphere.

In addition, the Bagasse ash is used as a soil improver, and the Vinasse, which is stabilized, diluted and buffered to avoid problems of contamination and soil acidity, is conducted by industrial piping to special pits equipped with geomembranes for proper storage.

The Vinasse is used as a soil improver and conditioner, this due to its effect on the microbial flora of the soil and the nutritional contribution; it is considered a mineral-organic fertilizer that can substitute between 20 and 30% of the application of chemical fertilizers, and when it is used systematically over time, it can fully replace the application of mineral-source fertilizers, so cane producers who apply it, can obtain savings of up to 50% in the use of traditional mineral fertilizers.

The use of Vinasse as an organic fertilizer under the fertigation modality is the most common and successful practice carried out in different countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, which produce alcohol from sugarcane, and which, like any other fertilizer, must be used rationally and adequately.

¿What is concentrated organic fertilizer (Vinasse)?

It is a compound derived from cane juice fermentation that offers the following advantages:

  • It combines the complexing effect of lignosulfonate and C.I.C. silicate.
  • It combines the silicate-on-aluminum neutralizing action with that of lignosulfonate on salt excess.
  • It has a polymer complex of low molecular weight that activates biological, chemical and physical soil properties.
  • It increases nitrogen and minor elements in the soil; the silica allows greater resistance to stress conditions due to floods, summer and the attack of pests and diseases.
  • It replaces 100% Urea (N) and Triple 17 (NPK).

Alcoholera de Zapopan is a clean company, a responsible partner with the community; it is committed to caring for the environment.

Industrial Security

The security of our personnel, our facilities and the environment is the number-one priority in our daily operation. That’s why we constantly invest in training programs and the necessary equipment to achieve our goal.

We have specialized teams that carry out periodic drills to minimize any eventuality. In addition, our company participates in cooperation programs with various industries in the region to be able to give a group response to any disaster that occurs.